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Tips for How Travel Nurses Can Find Housing

Oct 16, 2019 9:14:56 AM / by General Healthcare Resources

Housing is an essential part of a pay package for a traveling nurse. Accommodations can make or break your assignment, so it helps to get it right before you take off. Although companies may provide housing for you, housing stipends are gaining popularity for the freedom they offer to the travel nurse.

Housing Stipends

A housing stipend covers the cost of rent plus other expenses. This pay varies in amount depending upon location, assignment, and agency, and offer increased flexibility for traveling nurses. A stipend is money intended to cover the cost of housing while you are on a travel assignment. The usual requirement for a stipend is that you must be traveling away from home or staying at a location other than your permanent address.

The General Services Administration (GSA) sets the per diem rates. The GSA publishes the rates for counties across the United States. Remember that these numbers reflect the maximum per diem rate offered in a particular location and may not necessarily be the amount you should expect to receive.

Advantages of the Housing Stipend

Freedom! The primary benefit of taking a housing stipend is the freedom to choose and negotiate whatever type of housing you desire. Taking a housing stipend and securing your housing can be financially advantageous for you, the travel nurse, as it gives you the freedom to choose your price point. With an allowance, the opportunity exists to pocket some extra cash if you can find housing that costs less than the allotted stipend.

Finding it Yourself With Stipend Pay

The primary challenge of taking the stipend is finding housing within your allotted housing budget. Of course, you will have total control over where you live and how you want to live. If you take the stipend, you have unlimited housing options. Just be sure to check places out before committing to a lease. A few ideas might include the following:woman in apartment

  • Craigslist

  • Traditional house and apartment hunting sites

  • Temporary housing websites

  • Non-traditional housing options

  • Houseboat rentals

  • Hire a realtor to help you

  • Stay with a friend or family member

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