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New Compact State Licensing to Be Implemented January, 2018

Nov 9, 2017 3:57:30 PM / by Amanda Verdin

Beginning January 19, 2018, the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) will be implemented. Under the eNLC, nurses can provide care to patients in any eNLC state without having to obtain additional licenses. Nurses with an original NLC multistate license will be grandfathered into the eNLC.

This nursing compact makes the lives of travel nurses much easier. If you live in Maine and are tired of the cold, you can easily take a travel assignment in sunny Florida. Then, travel to South Dakota or Nebraska to experience Midwest life for a bit. The travel opportunities are endless for eNLC states.

Some states were added to the eNLC while others were removed. Here are the states with enacted eNLC:

• Arizona
• Arkansas
• Delaware
• Florida
• Georgia
• Idaho
• Iowa
• Kentucky
• Maine
• Maryland
• Mississippi
• Missouri
• Montana
• Nebraska
• New Hampshire
• North Carolina
• North Dakota
• Oklahoma
• South Carolina
• South Dakota
• Tennessee
• Texas
• Utah
• Virginia
• West Virginia
• Wyoming

States with pending 2017 eNLC legislation include Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Wisconsin.

Read more about your specific state and its laws here:


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Amanda Verdin

Written by Amanda Verdin

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