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How to Prepare for a New Career as a Travel Nurse

Sep 18, 2019 2:12:02 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

When you accept your first travel nursing assignment, get ready for things to move fast. Licenses, IDs, paperwork, tax forms and testing will need to be completed. Create a travel binder that contains all the documents you will need for the assignment. Keep in touch with your recruiter and check out these ways of preparing for your new travel nurse career. 

  • Read up on travel nursing. Travel nurse blogs are a fantastic way to access information from nurses who are already working on travel nurse
  • Network with travel nurses. Talk with nurses who are current travelers. This type of communication is a great way to get the inside scoop about assignments.
  • Research travel nurse companies. Do your research as all travel companies operate differently and have different expectations from their employees.
  • Don’t burn bridges. If you are anticipating a lengthy career as a travel nurse, do not burn bridges with former employers. Always be a pleasure to work with and leave assignments on good terms. You never know who’s path you may cross again in the future.
  • Have a savings account. It is not an enjoyable feeling to be in an unfamiliar place without cash as a safety net. A savings account offers a cushion until your first paycheck arrives.
  • Get specialty experience. An excellent method for preparing for a career as a travel nurse is to gain knowledge in areas that travel nurses are most in demand.
  • Keep your certifications up to date. Necessary certifications such as BLS and ACLS are typically a requirement by healthcare facilities. Keep them up to date.
  • Keep your medical records up to date. Keep a portfolio of all immunizations, flu shots and TB skin tests for easy access if needed.
  • Read the contract. It is essential to read your contract and get clarification on any issues with your recruiter before you begin your assignment.

First-Time Travel Nurse?

If you are a first-time travel nurse, it may be best to take an assignment that is not too far from home to lessen anxiety. You may also consider taking a companion along with you. Always try to accept your nursing assignments with an open mind while being ready to show your skills. As a travel nurse, it is essential to be flexible. It is a business, so it is vital not to take things personally. Always verify your pay rates and other details with your recruiter before the assignment begins.

If you are considering travel nursing as a viable career choice, take a look at what GHR Travel Nursing has to offer with numerous opportunities available.

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