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May 16, 2022 12:46:23 PM / by GHR Travel Nursing

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Rich Strike_Kentucky Derby Winner (2)Sometimes we all need to slow down long enough to do something just for fun. What we call “Me Moments.” Just a short break to unclutter your head and relax.

Here’s a perfect Me Moment to get you started.

It’s all about a horse…hang with us here, it’s worth it.

This horse found itself in the biggest race of his life, one he didn’t even qualify to run in. He got added to the race at the last minute because another horse dropped out.

He had won exactly one race in his lifetime and had lost his last three races. The handicappers put him in at 80-to-1 odds to win. 19 other horses were given better odds. 20 run the race.

He started dead last, with no chance to win.

All he did was gallop to one of the biggest upsets in Kentucky Derby history. Winning the race was nice, but what makes this a great story is how he won. And you need to see it. Find the time. Here are two links – this one to the race broadcast; this one for an overhead view that better spotlights his amazing performance.

Watch it…maybe now, maybe later, but find five minutes to watch. It’s definitely a feel-good moment. A Me Moment. And that’s something we all deserve.

Stay well.

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